Event Overview

Endowed with diversified riches and vast natural resources (fertile land, minerals, forestry, wildlife, tourism and energy) and being an emerging investment destination with huge untapped economic potential, the three Northern regions of Ghana (Northern, Upper East, Upper West Regions) are strategically positioned at the crossroads of the contemporary global economy. With geographical proximity, historical and cultural affinities, the three regions are not only natural economic hinterlands, but also contiguous to 3 ECOWAS countries(Togo, Burkina Faso, Cote D‘Ivoire), thus providing significant potentials for development, regional cooperation and economic integration.

While there is continuous demand in Global markets for what northern Ghana can produce, making connections with these markets is an increasingly sophisticated business, requiring, for the most part, small to medium scale enterprises with professional management and technical expertise. The scarcest factors are poor (physical and economic) infrastructure, human capital, risk capital, or equity, and the entrepreneurs willing and able to develop and manage such businesses in the north.

The Africa Islamic Economic Foundation (AFRIEF) is launching the G-3 Regional Economic and Investment Summit (G-3REIS), as a premier regional platform for dialogue and debate on socio-economic issues facing Northern Ghana. Each year, the Summit would tackle the critical issues, develop new insights, and generate ideas on policy priorities for Ghana’s decision-makersaimed at facilitating the coordination of policies, building of partnerships, formulation of initiatives and access to finance, leading to intensified trade, investment and exchange. This year’s editionis being held under the Distinguished Patronage of His Excellency, Dr. Mahmoud Bawumia, Vice President of the Republic of Ghana. It is scheduled to take place at the Modern City Hotel, Tamale, Northern region of Ghana on the 25th – 26th February, 2019, under the theme: Stimulating Northern Ghana’s Economic Growth.

The goal of this high-level strategic Summit is to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs bilateral meetings, match-makings, and to share  international best practiceson investments and innovation with the aim of developing joint investments, collaboration, trade facilitationand how the full spectrum of Islamic finance offerings – from banking, capital market and insurance products down to the halal Industry – can advance Ghana’s economic development plans and economic diversification program. Furthermore, the Summit is to foster the development of an integrated food economy in the three Northern regions based on agricultural diversification and efficient agricultural production that take advantage of innovative technologies and practices, tailored trade and investment approaches, well-functioning domestic markets and strategic conservation of food and water.


This high level meeting is designed to, within the framework of national priorities, meet six core objectives: (a) consensus-building, by developing partnerships between the private and public sectors and disseminating best practices, while facilitating access to finance and allowing developmental funds/financial institutions to get a closer understanding of linking financial to non-financial services towards the sustainable development of the three Northern regions; (b) policy-oriented analysis, by identifying key issues underlying the development trajectory of the three regions, and by designing suitable policies in order to determine the size and contribution of the sectors within the economy and their growth potential and investment opportunities; (c) strategic partnership, by working with the Ghana Government to map the economic sectors and sub-sectors of the regions in order to understand what exists, where the value chain for each is concentrated, what possibilities exist to support and expand the varying sectors, (d) best practice, by highlighting international best practices for governments and financial institutions on productive and sustainable job creation, and (e) technical cooperation, by cooperating with the Ghana Government to articulate an alternative economic development strategy that can optimize the economic potential of the three regions to stimulate private investment, attract new technologies, and promote entrepreneurship in Ghana.


The Summit is a two-day event, designed to foster interaction, facilitate business partnerships and investments for domestic enterprise creation and expansion. With a view to achieving its objectives, the Summit will be structured to include plenary context setting and wrap-up sessions with high level speakers from the public and private sectors, as well as parallel dialogue sessions around priority sectors. It will also feature parallel exhibitions from the three regions and some guest countries. The sessions which would exclusively focus on the following: Key Sectors (Agro industry, Transportation, Infrastructure, Mining,Energy, ICT ,Tourism and Finance); Sector Size and Market Opportunities; Key Sector Indicators and their Driving Forces; Driving Ghana’s Economic Development and Diversification Plans through Islamic Finance; Special Economic Presentations and Briefings;Addressing Infrastructure Deficit in Northern Ghana;Women in Northern Ghana,Policy Strategies Development: Approaches from Africa, Asia and Europe;the Role of Tertiary and Research Institutions in the Development of Northern Ghanaare expected to be an inspiration for participants to find efficient solutions.


As a key cornerstone of the event, G-3REIS Special Program provides business and technology leaders, agriculturalists, investors and large corporations, opportunities to learn about the latest innovations, technology trends and the entrepreneurs behind them, to find partners, to invest in the most promising projects, and to source innovative solutions that have the potential to accelerate their own company’s growth. Companies are chosen from a variety of industry sectors and are offered the opportunity:

  • To feature and demonstrate their products and services;
  • To learn from Ghana Government officials about the incentives Ghana offers to support the company’s international growth plans, and, most importantly;
  • To build relationships and initiate deals with potential customers, partners, and investors.

Presentation at G-3REIS Special Program allows promising companies to further accelerate their growth. Innovative and privately held growth companies are cordially invited to submit an application to feature at the G-3REIS Special program main stage. Companies with international growth and expansion plans or those interested in putting the company on the radar screen of potential clients, business partners, investors or blue chip companies from within and outside Ghana, should consider participating in one of the “G-3REIS Special Program” sessions at the event.

The program is designed to provide a small number of select agencies with an opportunity:

  • to gain premium visibility and share their best practices with delegates and journalists;
  • to showcase initiatives and successes from their country, and, most importantly;
  • to attract companies and source new investment deals and projects.


1.   Chambers of Commerce and Industry
2.   Central Banks / Commercial/Microfinance/ Investment Banks
3.   African Regional Economic Bodies
4.   Insurance Companies
5.   Property and Estate Developers
6.   Importers and Exporters
7.   Investors and Entrepreneurs
8.   Hospitality Industries
9.   Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Companies
10. Industrial Agencies and Institutions
11. Non-Governmental Organizations
12. Governments and Ministries
13. Management and Financial Consultants
14. National Investment Promotion Agencies
15. Food Processing and Beverage Companies
16. Cotton and Ginnery Companies
17. Garment and Textile Companies
18. Industrial and Manufacturing Companies
19. Universities and Research Institutions
20. Free Trade Zone Authorities
21. Trade Associations and Clusters


The Summit brings the diversity of Ghana together with serious business investors from around the globe. While there is no shortage of reasons to attend, here are just five:

  • High profile national and international policy makers from government and the private sector will be contributing their experiences.
  • Discover new lucrative investment opportunities that will help you exploit opportunities in the three Northern Regions of Ghana.
  • Discussions, which will give insight into the practical aspects of trade and investment challenges in the three regions.
  • Practices of translating policies into workable documents.
  • Meet face to face with scores of economic development organizations and potential investors in one place.